MFS - Barston Lakes, Solihull, 11th June 2017

Back to Barston Lakes for a MFS Champion's League match, a good opportunity to get some practise in for the Match winners final later this year.

The Draw
I got a call from Pat 10 minutes before the draw asking if I was heading to the fishery.  I was almost in the car park when he called.  As JC said, I'm normally one of the first one there, today I was only one mile from the fishery yet I was one of the last one to arrive.  Sorry guys.  Anyway, Peg 73 was home for the day, luckily peg 74 was a redraw as one of the lads hadn't turned up so I had a lovely end peg all to myself.

Neighbours for the day were Big Ron on 72 and Daddy May across the bank.

The wind was right in my face so I broke out the method and bomb rod.  I wasn't planning on fishing long as when I'd arrive at the peg I could see some skimmers topping not to far out.

Pole line would only be a short line due to the wind so I set up top 2 +3 sections straight ahead with a 1.0g rig.  I also plumbed u…

MFS - Boddington Reservoir, Silvers, 9th April 2017

A new venue for me popped up on the Match Fishing Scene website, Boddington Reservoir.  It was a silvers match and I'd heard that there was a big head of roach so I popped my name down.  The weekend weather was shaping up to be quite a scorcher and the temperature was rising as I drove towards Northamptonshire.

Shedders saw me on the motorway so we conveyed the rest of the way to the fishery to catch up with Hathers and the rest of the lads.  17 of use were fishing today.

The Draw
My milk bottle top had the number 43 on it.  We had heard that the pegs you wanted where the higher numbers.  Neighbours for the day, George, Les, Pikey and Shedders.

The waggler rod was first out of the bag setup with a 4AAA Nick Gilbert waggler.  Pole lines all straight ahead using a sailing buoy as my marker were:
13 metres using a 1gram float on 0.12 main line with a 0.10 bottom to a gamma green 167 metres, same depth so same rigBottom of the stairs, top 2 + 1, using a 0.8 gram rig with the shot…

Charity Day - Barston Lakes, Solihull, 2nd April 2017

Kevin Bennett (Skimmerman) from Match Fishing Scene has qualified and has been picked to go to Serbia in may 2017 to represent the English national disabled team.  In order to help raise some money for the team who are normally self funded Terry Turnip organised a day at Barston Lakes in Solihull.

Barston Lakes is one place I had on the list to visit due to the great skimmer and bream fishing available so I was quick to put my name down.

Shedders had kindly offered to drive me to Barston and it was a very early start for the both of us, Dave picking me up from London at 5:45am planning to arrive at the fishery (Golf Course) for our breakfast around 8am.

Enroute I mentioned the new rod license much to Dave's horror!  He'd forgotten to get one which was soon sorted on the website.  So if you've forgotten to get yours, follow this link:

The Draw
Nigel called for the draw which was well organised including gett…

MFS - Stafford Moor - Silvers Festival, Full Results

A great week at Stafford Moor!  Jo and Paul have worked hard and the fishery is responding extremely well.  Keep doing what you are doing guys because its working!
It goes without saying that thanks go to Herbie and his glamorous assistance Ken for all the organisation and effort to get us all in order during the week!
Great to see all the regulars at the Moor and some new faces.  Alan, brilliant to have a proper geordie onboard for translation purposes, just don't forget where you left your keys!
Finally to my Lodge of Plenty mates, the best week of the year and you guys make it more fun year on year!
Full Festival results:

Congratulations Colin, 3rd time festival winner!